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Full Version: Strange relationship
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I was at a funeral yesterday.

Siting beside me were two people I did not know. They were related to each other and also the dead person. The lady was a grandchild of the deceased.  The man was a nephew of the deceased. The lady and the man were husband and wife.  Surely the husband and wife were also related to each other, not just as husband and wife but also as some sort of cousins?  I did not want to ask them!  But I was really wanting to Smile
I guess the deceased was old and hopefully had a long happy life.

I don't know about the couple. You should have asked!

On my wife side there is two brothers (not my wife's) married to mother and daughter!!
Yes, was old, in her nineties and whilst not a totally happy life (she outlived husbands and most of her children) she was at peace. A lady of faith, death held no fear for her.

I think 2 brothers being married to a mother and daughter is a bit different - your brother is your step dad!
Ouch... my brain is overheating right now. lol