Now, we know that Rimbit is #scam, let's talk about it and try to find a true alternative.

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This is the way they do it.

Yet another video;

Yes, he is one of the great guys. Hard to say if it will be a success or not I think. Do people understand it? Do they care? Problem is information overflow. There are too many projects out there and no one has a complete overview. I think that is why Bitcoin is still so popular.
Crypto pioneer David Chaum releases iOS and Android app for early access to Elixxir
The inventor of digital cash, David Chaum, is excited to get people testing and using his life’s work.
hmm.... Apple does not normally approve crypto apps as far as I know.

Listen to what David Chaum has to say about Libra.

You all know I'm a big fan of ELIXXIR.
Here is an update about the coin behind ELIXXIR: PRAXXIS

Praxxis is a new high performance digital currency supported by a quantum-resistant blockchain. Using denominated coins and a new approach to consensus, Praxxis leverages the power of its sister Elixxir's privacy-protecting platform.

Quantum Resistant
Uses novel cryptography fundamentally different from widely-used tools promoted by the government.

Denominated Coins
Breaks payments into individual coins which are mixed with other users' coins to provide privacy.

High Performance
Consensus protocol supports low-latency transaction volume for global use while resisting centralization of power.

Praxxis technology is composed of three primary components: a blockchain, digital tokens, and a consensus mechanism, all designed to provide the first cash-like digital currency in the world and to support the operation of the Elixxir privacy-protecting platform.

In order for a digital currency to effectively support use cases for cash, it must be private, fast and secure. Most existing cryptocurrencies have had some level of success at achieving one of these characteristics but Praxxis is the first to accomplish all three.

Praxxis uses unique unlinkable transaction trees combined with denominated tokens to enable privacy preserving payments when sent over the Elixxir messenger. With the personal check-like structure of other chains it is inherently hard to keep specific transaction information private. For example, a $9.32 credit card transaction every other morning combined with metadata can tell an observer where your favorite breakfast spot is and what you generally order.

But Praxxis divides a single transaction into a number of identical looking denominated tokens (like cash denominations) and with Elixxir stripping the metadata, it is impossible for an outside observer to gather data on your spending habits without your explicit permission.

The Praxxis consensus mechanism achieves transaction volumes and latencies capable of supporting a world-wide payments platform and resists centralization of power. This is done using a combination of innovations. A geographically binned world-wide network of nodes ensures efficient transactions and quick communication. And a fractional endorsement approach allows a transaction to reach finality without requiring all nodes in the network to sign off on it. An unmanipulatable randomness generator and transparent community governance allows for intelligent block team scheduling that doesn’t rely on inefficient Proof of Work algorithms or non-egalitarian Proof of Stake algorithms.

With any monetary instrument, security is paramount. Most existing digital infrastructure and blockchains are built on the security of elliptic curve public-key cryptography that is vulnerable to attack by quantum computing and possibly by nation-state adversaries (the NSA has already transitioned from elliptic curve cryptography to quantum resistant cryptography). Praxxis is one of the first blockchain platforms to offer a quantum resistant signatures in both its consensus mechanism and token structure.
Yes I know you are, but I still think the Cardano platform is the best ever, but will it be the most popular? It's hard to say. We certainly know that it's not always the best who wins but the ones who are first available.
(2019-11-06, 09:45 PM)Carsten Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I know you are, but I still think the Cardano platform is the best ever, but will it be the most popular? It's hard to say. We certainly know that it's not always the best who wins but the ones who are first available.

Cardano is one of the best projects in crypto space, but I believe Elixxir (Praxxis) is a few steps ahead.
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