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Full Version: A Clockwork Orange
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Working our way through the Kubrick boxset...

I have only seen a few scenes from the film before though I have read the book.  I found the strange words annoying in the book but much easier to follow on film.  Again, as with 2001, a great use of some great music but it is hard to believe both films are from the same person!  

Plenty of dialogue and clear obvious motifs that were easy to understand, so made it IMHO a better film to watch.  

I did not pick up on the "liberals" trying to make Alex commit suicide in the book but it was clear in the film and I guess addressed the evils of politics on both (or all) sides. 

The level of pornography was amazingly high in the film, with pictures (and tables) everywhere.  If the film were to be remade (I have no idea if it has already) then it would have a totally different look and feel if set in current times, or indeed the immediate future.

I did find it to be not as violent as I expected it - the rape scenes although showing the start with body parts on show did not actually show the rapes.  The violence against others, such as the down and out were clearly choreographed and so did not look too bad.

I enjoyed the film and we had a good chat afterwards about it.  I am not sure if I would watch it again in the near future.  So far the best Kubrick film out of the two I have watched!
I never managed to see the entire movie (I think) Big Grin I remember being annoyed by the way they were dressed and that everything didn't look to be from any realistic future. The language was also totally off for me as far as I remember.

Look forward to "Full metal Jacket". It's really awesome!

Spartacus is a classic.
Eyes wide shut is about sex...just the way we dream of but never do. Big Grin
Full metal jacket is a great movie... lot of violence, but still a good movie!
We are on a break from Kubrick - watching the Taken series just now with Liam Nesson.
That is a good one too Bob. The Commuter with Liam Neeson is also okay. Liam has become an action hero. Who should have thought that?
Yes... but in The Commuter he seems so old for that king of movie... I liked it though.
I was not a Neeson fan really - he is a sort of bland Alan Alda type of actor, but I have enjoyed his performances in Taken. Nothing against Alan Alda, love him in MASH but he strieks me as only doing boring bland politically correct movies!
Okay Cell (Jackie Chang) of course you liked it! Big Grin As I said I also found it okay.

Regarding Liam. I find hime to be a very good and trustworthy actor.
Well... Jackie Chan is getting old too. Wink

Speaking of old... Stallone is planning another Rambo...
(2018-05-17, 06:52 AM)Cell Wrote: [ -> ]Well... Jackie Chan is getting old too. Wink

Speaking of old... Stallone is planning another Rambo...


Stallone is 71 years old. That Rambo movie has to be with a much younger actor as Rambo and Stallone as some kind of leader.
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