Now, we know that Rimbit is #scam, let's talk about it and try to find a true alternative.

Full Version: Rumors said the Mark Karlsson was trying to go to Sweden. Can anyone confirm that?
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Tobie Helo yes I have heard that he wants to move to Sweden probably because he cant return to Australia and Sweden has unemployment benefits when he was in Australia he ripped the system off and it looks like he is trying to sell all of his stuff on buy-sell sites in Pattaya Thailand.
There are still jails in Sweden... I guess it will be even easier for the authorities to catch him when he tries to explain how he lived for years in Thailand where the authorities just did not care about crooks like him. Now, in a more sofisticated country, I guess it will be harder for him to hide and make a living stealing from honest people.
Yes there is jails in Sweden!

On FB a guy wrote this:
"Tobie Helo: if you put YowCow into google you will find he had a online business similar to Paypal where he stole a lot of money while living in Europe then moved back to Australia and went bankrupt so he didn't have to pay it back..."

Maybe it's the same guy who wrote this.

"keith • 8 months ago
The so called owner of Rimbit is a Mark Karlsson who also many years ago had a thing called YowCow (another copy this time of paypal) check it out he stole everyone's money there so if people think there going to get there money back with Rimbit then good luck"
I think if there was a chance of jail he would move again to another country. I wonder if he plans on taking his wife and kids with him though or does he see them as collateral damage?
He had some good sides when I talked with him. But as we know he is bipolar or even multipolar so if one of the darks sides surface he will leave his family behind.
He will do whatever he can to save his own ass... he does not care about anyone else!
You are right!