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Full Version: Crypto prices are crashing again...
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Why is the crypto market going down again? 

Remember one of the prediction said that Ripple (xrp) would go to $587 by the end of this year.... it's in $0.22 today so it's not going to happen. 

If there is an increasing demand for crypto we should see the prices going up, so can I conclude that the masses has lost the interest for crypto?
What a difference between .22 and 586!

In Britain we have election, Brexit and Christmas so crypto will feature nowhere near the top of anyones thoughts just now.
Well, the Brexit situation should make some think about moving funds to crypto. I'm surprised to see the GBP-Euro moving up in value as it has during the last month.
Election day today! It will affect markets depending on the outcome with quite a few scenarios still possible. I wonder if British elections, which affect Brexit for sure, will make much difference to crypto markets?
Johnson won. How will UK be united again? Some of the lords even think that UK should get it's old colonies back I heard. Canada for instance... Brit are born to rule the world they claim. It's damn funny for a Dane like me to hear such stupid thoughts.

Brexit is going to hurt UK and EU hard. It will do more damage than good. It's clear to me know. Yes EU is far from perfect, but at least we are in the same boat and can make trades with each other so we all can grow. Now UK is out.....and that is gonna cost.