Now, we know that Rimbit is #scam, let's talk about it and try to find a true alternative.

Full Version: Urbit: you're in control. Not some megacorp.
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You're still just a row in someone's database.

This is realy great.

Your digital life is spread across all kinds of accounts, apps and services.

Every one of them does only one thing and is controlled by someone else. They work great, but they're really just big, dystopian toys.
The limits of these fake, single-purpose computers are clear. People deserve better.
Your Urbit is a personal cloud server. A simple, private, general-purpose virtual computer on an encrypted P2P network.
Your Urbit is your digital passport, your digital vault, and your digital assistant. You own it on Ethereum – no one controls it but you.

Please take some time to read and watch the videos.
Worth trying. Thanks Hugues