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Full Version: Alldocube X - Applock
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I know this is a bit off topic.... I bought two of these tablet (see video below) on IGG. They arrived yesterday. In the settings there is a menu item called "Applock".  I posted this question in their forum:

"I just received two  Alldocube X devices. Looks fine, but in the settings there is an app called “Applock” that is not documented as far as I can see. If I click it it shows a lock screen in Chinese that expect a pattern to unlock. What is the app for? It’s a bit concerning because of privacy. Please explain."

I wonder if it's the Chinese that are spying on us. Huawei is for instance under attack for spying using their mobile network infrastructure hardware and more places in Europe don't want them to provide hardware for the 5G network. Is it the same with Alldocube?  I think we should be very careful with Chinese products especially if you are doing some really serious million dollar business.